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Tyndall is a leading European research centre in integrated ICT materials, devices and systems. It is one of Ireland’s five National Labs, specialising in both electronics and photonics. Tyndall works with industry and academia to transform research into products in its core market areas of electronics, communications, energy, health, agri-tech & the environment. With a network of over 200 industry partners and customers worldwide, they are focused on delivering human and economic impact from excellence in research. A research flagship of University College Cork, Tyndall is home to a research community of 600 people of 52 nationalities.

The Photonics Packaging and Systems Integration Group at Tyndall addresses challenges in photonic and microelectronic technologies, from fundamental research to the transition to pilot-scale manufacturing with its unique technical expertise across a wide range of advanced photonic and microelectronic packaging and integration technologies.  

They have state-of-the-art simulation, design and production facilities, using the latest packaging equipment to deliver initial prototypes through to low-volume production. Areas of activity include wafer-level packaging for mass-market photonics, optical and electrical interposers, RF photonic-electronic integration, heterogenous integration using transfer print technology, quantum photonics and quantum system engineering, the transition of prototypes to manufacturing, and workforce education and training.  

The group produces advanced prototypes and routes to manufacture for the following application areas – high-speed communications, healthcare and biosensing, remote sensing including LIDAR, augmented and virtual reality, quantum communications and computing, and artificial intelligence. 

To complement the group’s expertise, leading photonic equipment manufacturers have established application teams with the group. This includes ficonTEC and X-Celeprint. These companies have located state-of-the-art equipment and engineering teams collaborating with the group to develop next-generation solutions for high-throughput photonic-microelectronic manufacturing.  

The group leads flagship research programmes and manufacturing initiatives, including the European Photonics Packaging Pilot Line, the European Photonics Academy, and the breakthrough wafer-level packaging project PhotonicLEAP. They also participate in large-scale European research initiatives, such as the Quantum Flagship Programme, focusing on the development of photonic and electronics packaging technologies for emerging quantum applications, and Europractice, supporting the growth of a microelectronic design ecosystem in Europe. The group is involved in over 15 EU projects, multiple Science Foundation Ireland, National Science Foundation and DARPA projects. They manage many industrial research projects with leading multinationals and SMEs. These engagements typically involve the delivery of advanced system prototypes and establishing routes to volume manufacture. 

Tyndall is a research flagship of University College Cork (UCC), with a multidisciplnary community of over 600 researchers, engineers and support staff, of 52 different nationalities, including more than 150 full-time postgraduate students, 60% of whom move directly into industry on completion, exceeding the average across Irish HEIs of approx.  35%.