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ESB Telecoms is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ESB Group.

As Ireland’s leading wholesale telecommunications provider, ESB Telecoms has more than 25 years of telecoms and electrical engineering experience. Our extensive fibre network extends to over 1,800km, 400 towers and 15 co-location sites across Ireland. Our extensive telecoms infrastructure and fibre services provide our clients with a stable, fast, and reliable service.

With a portfolio of towers nationwide, we deliver flexibility of location and a future-proofed service for mobile, fixed and wireless communications operators.

At ESB Telecoms, we offer our partners and customers unique, high-capacity routes through our wholly owned, extensive, and continuously expanding Dublin Dark Fibre Network, giving our customers the confidence to build their network with us. Our proposition suits customer requiring a long-term partner who offers a substantial, secure, and high availability network that exceeds the demands customers place on you. ESB Telecoms national connectivity and co-location services bring you closer to your customers by offering a complete telecommunications service in your local area. 

We operate an extensive telecoms network and connect to all the major data centres in Ireland. We provide a full range of leading-edge bespoke solutions, including Carrier Ethernet, Managed Ethernet Wavelengths, Integrated Microwave Solutions and Co-Location Services.

At ESB Telecoms, we are committed to positively impacting society by enabling better access to information services through our fibre and tower network, bringing new opportunities for innovation and growth to communities. ESB Telecoms are fully committed to achieving Net Zero carbon footprint by 2040.

ESB Telecoms are a vital partner in the Ireland QCI consortium and were chosen to provide the fibre infrastructure backbone which underpins this vital research. ESB Telecoms fibre is the preferred solution due to the superior latency and signal loss metrics that are guaranteed. With the highest availability levels in the country, ESB Telecom’s fibre solution was deemed most appropriate to form part of this European wide initiative.