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IrelandQCI is part of a federated group of testbeds run by the CONNECT Centre, which includes six testbeds covering quantum, radio, and optical technologies in lab and real-world environments. As the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks headquartered at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), CONNECT embodies expertise, innovation, and collaboration in the field of telecommunications and network research.

With over 200 researchers across 11 Higher Education Institutions throughout Ireland, CONNECT represents a wealth of knowledge dedicated to advancing communication technologies. This extensive network of researchers and institutions places CONNECT at the forefront of research, allowing for a holistic approach to tackling quantum communication challenges. This extensive education network enables CONNECT to deliver programmes and content on quantum communications spanning all education levels and backgrounds and engage with the public broadly.

Moreover, CONNECT’s active engagement with over 50 industry partners, ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups and SMEs is a major pillar for IrelandQCI’s industry programs. This industry-focused approach ensures that advancements in quantum communications research are translated into tangible, real-world applications.

CONNECT is committed to facilitating innovation and driving the evolution of quantum communications within the IrelandQCI project. With CONNECT’s support, IrelandQCI is well-positioned to achieve results that will shape the future of networks and position Ireland as a quantum communications centre of excellence.

CONNECT has established itself as a trusted partner with both the Government of Ireland and the European Union as a whole. Our collaborative efforts extend to contributions to policy development, research initiatives, and regulatory frameworks, ensuring that IrelandQCI’s quantum communication endeavours align with national and European objectives. This partnership underscores our commitment to advancing quantum communication research and innovation, contributing to Ireland’s strategic positioning in the global quantum technology landscape while promoting harmonization with EU priorities.