‘The advancement of quantum technology in Ireland’ – Innovation News Network.

'The advancement of quantum technology in Ireland' - Innovation News Network.

The March 2024 issue of The Innovation Platform, a quarterly publication of Innovation News Network, delves into the advancement of quantum technology in Ireland. The feature looks at how Ireland has long been a quantum research powerhouse, but now, with new legislation, we are setting the stage for a further revolution in the journey to Quantum 2.0.

The consortium of IrelandQCI partners contributed to this feature, which looks at the rise of quantum communication technologies in recent years, the Irish government’s commitment to the Quantum 2030 National Strategy, and other on-going, exceptional quantum technology initiatives in Ireland.

”Collectively, these projects intend to drive development in quantum technologies by combining the efforts of policy makers, academics, research institutes, and more. The goals are to create advanced quantum technology for quantum secure communication networks, to integrate quantum cryptography technology to telecommunication systems at all levels, and to take all the newly developed skills and technology and deliver them to European technology, such as government level systems, raising awareness and educating key stakeholders in the process.

The future is bright for Ireland’s quantum landscape.”

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Read in full, issue 17 of The Innovation Platform 

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