Podcast: Irish cybersecurity quantum leap Podcast: Irish cybersecurity quantum leap

Podcast Ep 169: Dr Deirdre Kilbane from the Walton Institute in Waterford on how Ireland is spearheading the future of secure digital networks.

In recent months it emerged that Ireland is at the tip of the spear when it comes to futureproofing the EU’s communications infrastructure and making it secure.

Ireland and the EU are jointly funding a €10m research project to trial 16 quantum security technologies over the next two years.

“By about 2026 there could be a one-in-seven chance of breaking encryption codes. And that goes into a one-in-two chance by 2030. We’re making really big advancements worldwide in developing this quantum communications infrastructure. And it is actually a step ahead of quantum computing”

At the end of April the Quantum Communications Infrastructure Programme held its first face-to-face meeting at the Walton Institute in Waterford with industry leaders and researchers pooling their expertise and resources to significantly improve the security and efficiency of everything from medical devices to phones to the internet of things.

IrelandQCI, the ‘Building a National Quantum Communication Infrastructure for Ireland’ project incorporates integrating innovative and secure quantum devices and systems into conventional communication infrastructures. They will do this by enhancing ESB Telecoms’ optical fibre network with an additional layer of security, all based on quantum physics, in particular quantum key distribution (QKD).

Listen to Dr. Deirdre Kilbane on podcast here:

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